Aged Inventory Updates

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Enhance Odoo Inventory to enable the accurate date of purchase for inventory item.

Ensures the accurate historical date of purchase for an inventory item can be set during import to accurately effect aged inventory reporting.


Key FeaturesFunctionality

Record historical date of purchase for inventory item

Set historical date of inventory item to record accurate date of purchase

Overwrite the Odoo default date set during date of import

Supports the bulk item import to easily update inventory items

Create accurate aged inventory report

Aged inventory reporting correctly shows the true stock age

Accurately effects Accounting

Accounting is affected to record the true inventory purchase date

Go to the Inventory app from the home page

From the Operation's menu, select Inventory Adjustment

Create a new inventory adjustment

Select the Location you want to store the item in

Select the Product you want to adjust

You can select more than one product

Inventory date - select the date you want the inventory appear at

Accounting date could be current or previous date

Select the counted quantities type you want then click on Start Inventory

Put the quantity you had at the inventory date you selected under counted column then validate inventory

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