Employee Allowances Management

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Enhance the Employee Contract & Payroll with the ability to create all types of employee allowances whether it be fixed allowances or non-recurring allowances.

Fully integrated with payroll to ensure allowances affect employee payroll and payslips.


Key FeaturesFunctionality

Create fixed allowance types in employee contract

Ability to specify different types of allowances in the employee contract, such as, air ticket and/or schooling allowances, etc.

Non-Recurring Allowances Support

During the Payslip preparation, add non-recurring allowances e.g a bonus allowance for that month, by selecting checkbox

Allowance period - Start Date & End Date

Set a start date and end date for the allowance period to affect payroll

Pro rata calculation based on a specific date

Generate pro rata calculation for the specific dates to apply allowances

From the Odoo homepage navigate to the Employee app

Select the Employee you want to update the allowances for

From the employee profile go to his contract

Select the employee contract
In the contract, from the Salary Information tap, update the allowances or the salary
After running the monthly payroll, all the salary breakdown will appear in the employee payslip under the salary computation tap and will be showing on the PDF payslip

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