Dynamic Payroll Reporting & Dashboards

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Gain deeper insights into your employee payroll with real-time Dynamic Payroll Reporting & Dashboard to help plan and manage your payroll.

Configurable and real-time reporting to help manage your employee costs from one reporting engine.


Key FeaturesFunctionality

Dynamic Payroll Reporting

  • Generate different payroll reports
  • Supports grouping and filters

Dynamic Payroll Reporting

  • Generate reports based on payslip batches, payslip employees, contracts, companies, etc.
  • Apply grouping and filters to refine and view information

Payroll BI Dashboard

  • Real time BI Dashboard
  • Payroll BI Dashboard
  • Payslip grouping
  • Employees by monthly basic salary

Payroll BI Dashboard

  • BI Dashboard for Real-Time overview - view allowances and/or deductions applied to payroll
  • Access Payroll BI Dashboard to view payslips per department
  • View payslips grouped by state
  • View employees grouped by their remuneratio

From the Odoo homepage go to the Payroll app

Go to the Payslip Dashboard tap
In the dashboard you can view all the employees payslip details and graphs for the employees salaries

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