Employee End of Service Reward

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Enhance your Odoo Employee App with the ability to provide employees a special reward at the end of their service.

The rewards app allows your company to effect a discretionary award in the employee payroll and payslip.


Key FeaturesFunctionality
Discretionary bonus applied by management to final salary calculationManager decides the bonus for an employee that is off-boarded, which feeds the end-of-service calculation
End of service reward calculated as per the bonusManager/ HR admin generates end-of-service reward for the employee auto-calculated into payroll
End-of-service reward attached to the employee's last payslipEmployee receives the calculated end-of-service reward last generated payslip

Go to the Payroll module from the Odoo home page

Go to Setting from the Configuration menu to configure the EOS Journal
Configure the EOS journal and save
Go to Employee module from Odoo home page
Go to EOS tap in the employee's contract and make sure you click on Post Monthly Accrual Odoo will calculate automaticaly the accrual monthly EOS amount based on the contract details

Odoo will Post monthly journal by all the employee EOS

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