Employee History Tracker

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Enhance Employees App to track and record pertinent employee information with the history of changes and updates. Ensure you track all employee related changes to profile including compensation, job roles with date and person making changes.

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Track all important changes to employee records including:

  • Job position, department & history
  • Changes in Employees' Salaries
  • Changes to employee contracts
  • Update to timesheet cost

View employees' job position and department history throughout their employment period.

View Employee history directly from the employee profile.

View employee salary changes and track changes to employee contracts.

View all updates to Timesheet costs that affect project module.

Access the employee profile and view all employee historical updates.

 Go to Employee module from the homepage

Open any employee profile to see the historical changes happened

Under Job History tap you will see all the job designations and the date of occupation
Under Salary History tap you will see all the changes happened in the salary with the date it changed in

Under Contract History tap you will see any changed applied in the employee contract and the date when it happened

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