Employee Penalty with Notifications

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Enhance employee management with company penalty management. Set penalty types affecting employee payroll to enforce company policies for any deductions.

Provides seamless integration between Employee and Payroll App with accurate penalty management with notifications to manage employee notices.


Key FeaturesFunctionality

Management Workflow to assure

  • Employee acceptance
  • Penalty can be raised against employee
  • Manager & employee receives penalty email notification
  • Manager approves or rejects penalty

Created penalty for an employee pushes an email notification to the manager for either approval or rejection

Manager can either approve or reject the penalty

Approved penalty feeds to payroll

Once the penalty is approved, updates the employee's payroll

Approved penalty email notification for the employee

Employee receives a penalty email notification after the penalty is approved

Penalty deduction in employee payslip - view penalty in payslip report

Employee payslip will reflect the penalty deduction - specific view for penalty created in payslip report

Automatic creation of fixed employee penalty or against configurable percentage salary ruleFixed employee penalty or employee penalty in percentage salary rule can be created e.g. if the employee has to pay 40% of the penalty amount
Email notification to the employee after successful penalty paymentOnce the penalty amount is paid, employee receives an email notification

Navigate to the Employee module from the homepage

Create the penalty from Employee Penalties in Penalties menu
Fill the penalty form with the required information then save and submit to manager for approval

 Approve the penalty by manager

After the approval it will appear on the payslip of the month

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