Employee Statement Report

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Provides a consolidated, date selectable, and downloadable report to employees with all HR affecting requests and payroll transactions.

Employees can self serve a report that details their HR affecting approvals and payments on demand to reduce HR time and tasks.


Key FeaturesFunctionality

Data range selectable single downloadable report

HR admin or employee can select the data range - period for which the account statement report should be generated

Includes all employee related transactions such as leaves

Access and view the account statement report for the employee that includes all employee related transactions - for e.g. expense claims, penalties, leave balances, etc.

Included transactions processed in payroll

All the employee related transactions get processed in the payroll

From ODOO homepage go to Employee app

From Reporting tap go to Account Statement Report

Create account statement

Select the period from/to, then select the employee you wish to run the statement for, then save the report

Click on Generate Report and refresh

After refreshing the page the statement link will appear in Download Report, download it

The report will show all the payroll transaction in the period selected

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